The İtalian Quallity İn Flyscreen Systems

The İtalian Quallity İn Flyscreen Systems




The worldwide known original pleated mesh system with caterpillar scorpion tails mechanism comes to you in a re-ducible kit, offered in exclusivity by the Genius Group. Imagine the possibility to have the original Plisse insect screen door system in one or two sizes only, and imagine to be able to adapt one of those two standart sizes to any dimension of doors in a few minutes: here you are.


The Plisse Advance is the first and only original Plisse door available in Kit form, reducible up to 40 cm in the height. The original Plisse features remain all unchanged: the absence of a spring mechanism, the scorpion tails parts and the horizontal cords make this system smooth to operate.

The "pull and stop" movement and the flat PVC bottom rail make it fully secure and user friendly. The Plisse Advance can be produced in the single side door and the double side door (up to 4 meters wide openings).


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